Primary Health Centre

Primary Health Centre

Dr. Prashant K. Jain 
(Faculty Incharge) 

Phone: 0761-2794187

Doctors available for consultation:
1. Dr. G. S. Sandhu,
2. Dr. Jyoti Garg,
3. Dr. Arvind Nath Gupta,
4. Dr. Niharika Gupta (Dentist). 

Availability Chart of Doctors:

Duty Roster for PHC Doctors & Counselor

Health Services committee will revise the schedule and may invite more Doctors as per the requirements and feedback received. All are requested to send their suggestions to committee members as follows:
Dr. Prashant K. Jain (Faculty Incharge)
Prof. Tanuja Sheorey
Dr. Subir Lamba
Mr. Rizwan Ahmed

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