Welcome To Liberal Arts Department

PDPM IIITDMJ founded the department of Liberal Arts with induction of Humanities on 13th August, 2021. But since the founding of the Institute in 2006, Humanities courses have been given very valuable weightage aiding the goals of the students in the technical courses. Humanities has played a critical role in the placement of the students by developing their interpersonal skills through communication strategies and soft skills. The personality of the students was further shaped by popular courses like Culture and Human Values and Indian Philosophy. Students also get a professional edge in their fields by pursuing the courses like Science and Culture, Culture and Technology. Many students have engineered designs of engineering products inspired through poems.

PhD English program is the crown of the Liberal Arts department. The maiden researches of the research scholars in English have won international and national acclaims. The scholars are vetting their research ideas in the field of Consciousness studies, Cognitive Sciences, Cultural Studies, Language and Literature along with newly emerging areas of critical importance like medical humanities.

Why Join Liberal Arts ?

At PDPM IIITDMJ we are exploring the field of Liberal Arts through English to make Arts fields like, Communication, Language- Literature and Cultural Studies super relevant to the progress and development of the nation. The focus is sharp on the needs of Science and Technology and how Arts can contribute to make culture an axle force in society and economy.

Our Service:

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