Counseling Service

at IIITDM Jabalpur.

Counseling Service

Counseling is a talking therapy, a way of exploring what might help a student find his way through his current difficulties. The counseling Service believes that with support, the student is the best person to work out what right for him. We only ‘provide help’ to enable a student to find his own answers and work towards increasing his sense of competency and selfworth.
Many students need the help of the counseling Service to talk about things like: 
(a)Academic Problems.
(b)Interpersonal Relationship.
(d)Feeling ‘down’ or ‘depressed.

The counseling Service at IIITDMJ is supported by a strong team of students/Faculty/Counsellor. It is constituted by the following-
1. Head, counseling Service
2. Student Coordinators
3. Assistant Student Coordinators
4. Student Guides
5. Faculty Adviser
6. Professional Counsellor
7. Academic Helpers

The counseling Service provides logistics in improving student’s difficulties in various ways from academic to social life. It is an integral part of the Institute that closely works with the faculty members and the administration along with the student community.

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