Students Gymkhana

Students' Gymkhana

Students' Gymkhana is constituted to evolve a disciplined self-governance for carrying out various extracurricular in-campus activities and to establish a responsible and accountable student body. Students’ Gymkhana is governed by Student Senate which is constituted in democratic way through elections among each discipline and batch of the students. Student Senate members are elected through direct ballot voting, every year in the first week of January. Every registered student of the Institute is by-default member of student gymkhana and would have right to vote. All members of the student gymkhana who have their CPI >= 6.5 will be eligible to make their candidature for the Student Senate.

The Students' Senate has 2-3 representatives from each class. There are around 40 members in the Student Senate. Various gymkhana clubs that are part of Cultural, Sports and Technical, work under Students gymkhana. Club coordinators and co-coordinators will be selected based on their skill and past performance in the Institute by the members of that club and duly ratified by the Student Senate. All members of the student gymkhana who have their CPI>= 6.0 are eligible to become mentors, coordinators, co-coordinators for various clubs.

Student gymkhana is headed by Dean, Students, who is nominated by Board of Governor of the Institute for three years. Dean (Students) chairs all the meetings of the Student Senate and guides student representatives in organizing gymkhana activities throughout the year. Apart from this, three faculty members designated as Sports, Cultural and Technical Counsellors, look after sports, cultural and technical activities respectively and respective major festivals organized by the students' gymkhana.

Brief Information regarding Clubs

  • A. Cultural Club: The Institute has vibrant Cultural Clubs that provide a platform for students to showcase their creativity and talent. There are six clubs associated with our cultural fraternity, namely: (i) Saaz (Music Club), (ii) Jazbaat (Dramatics Society Club), (iii) Aavartan (Dance Club), (iv) Abhivayakti (Arts & Craft Club), (v) Aakrti (The Film Making & Photography Club), and (vi) Samvaad (Literature & Quizzing Society Club). The activities of the cultural committee are largely student-driven with proper guidance from faculty members. These clubs are active throughout the year. Besides helping students in honing their talent and skills, they organize their respective annual festivals.
  • B. Science & Technology Club: There are in all 7 different Science and Technology Clubs which are mentored separately by Faculty Members. Since the inception of the Institute, the technical fest “Abhikalpan” held annually is a popular event among different colleges of Jabalpur and the surrounding regions. Apart from that, Hackathon, Racing, Programming, Electronics, 3D priniting, Business and Management, Fabrication and Astronomy related events are organized throughout the year.
  • C. Sports Club: Sports and games play a major role in keeping a person fit and fine. Sports in general inculcates, team work, mental strength and physical fitness along with ethics, respect to the opponent, fair play in real life aspects as well. Truly said! At IIITDM Jabalpur, we provide facilities for students to experience “above and beyond” academic experience, to maintain their physical fitness and to excel as a bright student. IIITDM Jabalpur has excellent infrastructure facilities for both outdoor and indoor games and sports. The outdoor games include Volley Ball, Foot Ball, and Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Basket Ball and Athletic ground. A Flood light facility is provided for outdoor games like volleyball, lawn tennis, basketball and Football. The Indoor-Students Activity Center (SAC) provides the following facilities: Shuttle Badminton, Chess, Caroms and Table Tennis with wooden flooring, and other multi-Gyms activities. We are preparing students by organizing intramural and extramural competitions. We encourage student participation in inter-collegiate, inter-IIIT and other open tournaments across the country.
Finally, IITDM Jabalpur sports fraternity has a unique ability to bring people from different backgrounds together, as well as teach valuable life lessons.

Name Designation Contact
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Roy Faculty-in-Charge (Student Affairs)
Dr. Koushik Dutta Associate Cultural Counselor
Dr. Dip Prakash Samajdar Sports Counsellor
Dr. Parikshit Kundu Associate Sports Counsellor
Dr. Amit Vishwakarma Science & Technology Counsellor
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