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Chess Collegiate Fall-2021

CHESS COLLEGIATE FALL-2021 was an international team event for College Clubs.There were total 160 teams which were divided into 10 divisions(16 Teams in each division).According to their strength, each division was further divided into two groups for league round, our team was in division 6. A team has a maximum limit of 10 players. Our team includes Ayush Goyal,Co-coordinator Prashant Kumar, Chandra Shekhar Shivam, Ankit Amritesh, Samyak Jain, Napan Vijayvargiya, Ansh Choudhary, Smit Agrawal, Kritik Joshi, and Sunath Khadikar.

Our team has finished the league stage as a table topper, all the league rounds details are available on this link:- LEAGUE ROUND DETAILS
In the playoff stage, we faced Purdue University in the quarterfinal, Carnegie Mellon University in the semifinal, and had our final match yesterday with Georgia Institute of Technology:-PLAYOFF DETAILS
Our semifinal match was streamed live on twitch which is available at here:-SEMIFINAL MATCH LIVE STREAMING

For Further information please visit CHESS COLLEGIATE FALL-2021 DETAILS


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