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Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
NS1 (3L+2T, 4C) Mathematics I NS3 (3L+2T, 4C) Mathematics II ES3 (2L+3P, 3C)        DS101 Engineering Graphics DC4: (3L+2P=4C)
Digital Signal Processing 
DS2 (1L+6P, 4C) DS302 Engineering Design MN2 (8P, 4C)
Fabrication Project
OE07 (3L, 3C) Project-based Internship (16C)
NS2 (3L+1T+2P, 4C)
Physics I
NS4 (3L+1T+2P, 4C) NS104 Physics II DC1:(3L+2P,4C)
Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Interfacing
DC5: (3L+2P=4C)
Control Systems 
DC8: (3L=3C)
VLSI System Design (VLSI IC desien, logic synthesis using VHDL) 
OE04 (3L, 3C) OE08 (3L, 3C) OR
HS1 (1L+2T, 2C) HS101 Effective Communications
OR HS2 Alternative
HS3 (2L+2T, 3C) HS102 Indian Culture, Ethics and Human Values DC2a: (2L=2C)
Principle of Analog Communications
DC2a: (2L=2C)
Network Theory(Analysis and synthesis) 
DC6a: (2L=2C)
AI and its application
DC6b: (2L=2C)
Architecture of Cellular Systems(1G-5G)
DC9: (3L=3C)
Fundamentas of Electromagnetic
OE05 (3L, 3C) OE09(3L, 3C) BTP(10C)
2 Oes(3-0-03)(Total: 6C)
ES1 (2L+3P, 3C) Introduction to Programming ES4 (3L+2P, 4C) ES101 Basic Electronics  DC3a: (2L=2C)
Electronics Devices and Circuits
Instrumentation and Measurement 
DC7: (3L+2L=4C)
Analog Integrated Circuit
DC8: (3L=3C)
digital Communications
OE06 (3L, 3C) OE10 (3L, 3C) (PBI: Optional in 7thsemester)
Prof C1/ SM1 (1L, 1C) EC101 Introduction to Profession ES5 (2L+2P, 3C) IT102
Data Structure
OE01 (3C)
OE02 (3C) OE03 (3C) HS3(2L, 2C)
Ecology and Envirment
OE11 (3L, 3C)  
    NS5 (2L, 2C) Biology for Engineers          
    IT Workshop I
(2P, 2 C)
Matlab and Simulink,Pspice
IT Workshop II
(2P, 2 C)
CST, Labview
IT Workshop III
(2P, 2 C)
Tanner Tool(Tspice), VHDL and Verilog
IT Workshop IV
(2P, 2 C)
Cadence, Silvaco, Xylink,Sentaurus Tcad
ES2 Innovation Theory and Practice (1L+2P, 2C) PR1 Discipline Project (2C) PR2 Discipline Project (2C) (optional)    
PC1 Professional Development Course (1C) PC1 Professional Development Course (1C) PC3 Professional Development Course (1C) PC4 Professional Development Course
14 21 22 24 18 18 16 16
The Electives are floated as per report of different groups like Mckensy and different industry. It is also consider the feedback of placement cell.
OPEN ELECTIVES to UG PG Electives Open to UG PhD Elective Open to PG/UG
Biomedical Instrumentation Optical Communication Random Variables and Processes Application of Signal and Image proceessing Advanced Signal Processing Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks
Advanced Filter Design and its application RF and Microwave Engineering Advanced antena theory design Radar system and Communication Advanced Time frequency analysis  RF and Microwave Active Circuits
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Design Satelite communication Digital VLSI design Electrical Drives and Control Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics Advanced Semiconductor Devices
Computer Networks Time frequency analysis Information theory and coading VLSI Test and Testibility VLSI Device Modelling Selected Topics in Wireless Communication
Physics of Semiconductor Devices VLSI Test and Testability Power System Engineering RF MEMS design Electromagnetics Interference and Compatibility Optoelectronics Devices and Application
Introduction to machine learning Antenna Theory & Design Adaptive technology development Brain Computer Interface Simulation of Modern Power Systems Multidimensional Signal Processing
Image Processing Wavelet and Filter Bank Autonomus vehicle and robotics Internet of Things    
Advanced Control Systems Wireless Communications Smart grid and future of energy sector Energy storage technologies    
IC Fabrication CMOS Memory Design Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure Optimization Techniques for Digital VLSI Design     
Nano photonics and plasmonics Power Electronics VLSI Physical Design Foundations of Cognitive Robotics     
Photovoltaics; fundamentals and application Introduction to deep learning        
Sensors and Actuators Multimedia processing        
Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics Computer Vision        
Digital System Design Industrial Microwave and Communication        
Detection and Estimation Theory Mixed-Mode Circuit Design        




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