Mechanical Engineering – IIITDMJ

PhD Research

Shashikant Pandey, July 2014 Tribology in bearings Dr. Amarnath M.
Mangal S Lodhi, July 2014 Numerical analysis of heat transfer enhancement in micro-channel using nanofluid Dr. Goutam Dutta (Ex), Prof. Tanuja Sheorey
Sonika Sahu, July 2014 Experimental and simulation analysis of sandwich foam composite under impact loading Dr. Mohd. Zahid Ansari
Ankit Nayak, July 2015 Guided endodontics: a CAD-based approach Prof. Prashant K Jain, Dr. Pavan K Kankar (Ex)
Ankit Khare, July 2015 Scheduling in manufacturing systems Dr. Sunil Agrawal
Rakesh Patidar, July 2015 Redesigning of traditional Indian agri-fresh food supply chain Dr. Sunil Agrawal
Ashish Yadav, July 2015 Two sided assembly line balancing  Dr. Sunil Agrawal
Gourav K Sharma, Jan 2016 Development of induction conduction based material deposition system for metal additive manufacturing Prof. Prashant K Jain, Dr. Pavan K Kankar (Ex)
Jay Govind V, Jan 2016 Dynamic modeling and failure analysis of gear box Dr. Shivdayal Patel, Dr. Pavan K Kankar (Ex)
Neetesh S Raghuvanshi, Jan 2016 Linear and non-linear stability analysis of nuclear reactor Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee, Dr. Manoj K Panda
Pavan Kumar, Jan 2016 Finite element analysis of incremental sheet forming Prof. Puneet Tondon
Sangharatna M Ramteke, Jan 2016 Conditon monitoring and fault diagnosis of a diesel engine Dr. H. Chelladurai
Satya N Patel, Jan 2016 Energy harvesting from vibration using smart material Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee
Tejkaran Narolia, Jan 2016 Energy harvesting from rotating objects Prof. V.K. Gupta
Ankur Gupta, July 2016 Dynamic modelling of underwater propulsor Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee
Bikram S Solanki, July 2017 Effect of injection moulding process parameters on polymer gear manufacturing Prof. Tanuja Sheorey, Dr. Harpreet Singh
Chhotelal Prajapati, July 2017 Experimental investigation of desiccant type indirect solar dryer with active and passive mode of air circulation Prof. Tanuja Sheorey
Neeraj K Bhoi, July 2017 Microwave processing of aluminium metal matrix composites and their characterization Dr. Harpreet Singh, Dr. Saurabh Pratap (Ex)
Peramalla Sateesh K, July 2017 Experimental investigations to improve the performance of journal bearings by using microwave treatment Dr. Amarnath M.
Anubhav Tiwari, July 2017 Biomechanical simulation of the biting effects on human temporomandibular joint Prof. V. K. Gupta
Harbhajan Ahirwar, Jan 2018 Biomechanical modelling of implaint tissue interface Dr. Himanshu S Nanda
Kumar Maharshi, Jan 2018 Mechanical characterization of jute fiber reinforced polymer composite for automotive applications Dr. Shivdayal Patel
Dhirendra Prajapati, July 2018 Decision support models for E-commerce platform related to B2B and B2C scenarios Dr. H Chelladurai, Dr. Saurabh Pratap (Ex)
Jyoti Pandey, July 2018 Performance analysis of micro-channel heat sink Dr. Mohd. Zahid Ansari
Nagargoje Aniket R (Ex), July 2018 Development of CAD/CAM module for incremental forming Prof. Puneet Tondon, Prof. Prashant K Jain
Roopendra K Pathak, July 2018 Safety and Realiability analysis of composite plate under ballistic impact Prof. V. K. Gupta, Dr. Shivdayal Patel
Yogendra K Dwivedi, July 2018 Investigations of chemomechanical magnetorheological abrasive finishing of freeform surfaces Dr. Harpreet Singh
Nidhi Dixit, Jan 2019 Prof. Prashant K Jain
Shivanku Chauhan, Jan 2019 Cantilever mass sensors Dr. Mohd. Zahid Ansari
Deepak K Prasad, Jan 2019 Assesment of wear propogation in bearing components using traction co-efficnet and vibration analysis Dr. H. Chelladurai, Dr. Amarnath M
Harshal Y Shahare, Jan 2019 Hybrid metal forming processes Prof. Puneet Tondon
Anand P Mall (Ex), July 2019 Design and development of heterogeneous porous scaffold Prof. Puneet Tondon
Arpit Bajpai, July 2019 Investigation on 3D printing of electrically conductive polymer by extrusion based additive manufacturing Prof. Prashant K Jain
Ashish Kumar, July 2019 Development and optimization of perishable supply chain network Dr. Sunil Agarwal
Bhandarkar Vivek V, July 2019 Smart additive manufacturing Prof. Puneet Tondon
Mithilesh K Tiwari, July 2019 Development of hybrid incremental forming additive manufacturing technology Prof. Puneet Tondon, Dr. K Ponnappa
Md Aftab A Ansari, July 2019 Design and development of 3D printed bioactive bone scaffold of improved strength Dr. Himanshu S Nanada, Prof. Prashat K Jain
Santhosh K Kamarapu, July 2019 Applications of vegetable oil blends to minimize wear and coefficient of friction in machine elements Dr. Amarnath M
Vicky Subhash Telang, July 2019 Numerical simulation and optimization of biodegradable stents Dr. Himanshu S Nanada, Prof. Puneet Tondon
Devi Singh Rawat, July 2019 Cooling of electronic packages by microfluidic system using nanofluid: experimental and numerical study Prof. Tanuja Sheorey
Gangaram Mandaloi, July 2019 Development of hybrid deformation machining (HDM) – incremental sheet metal forming (ISMF) Prof. Puneet Tondon
Sandeep Bose, July 2019 Computational and experimental investigation of ultrasonic welding of reinforced thermoplastics pipes (RTP) Dr. H Chelladurai
Gunasegaran V, July 2019 Gear fault diagnosis based on higher order spectral analysis using vibration and acoustic signal Dr. H Chelladurai
Anil Ansolia, July 2019 Condition monitoring of fused filament fabrication 3D printer Prof. V. K. Gupta
Ankit K Gupta, July 2019 Heat-assisted incremental forming Prof. Puneet Tandon
Kirtan K Sahu, July 2019 Buckling load and dynamic analysis of telescopic hydraulic cylinder Prof. V. K. Gupta
Ashish Yadav, Jan 2020 Wire arc additive manufacturing Manu Srivastava, Prof. Prashant K Jain
Gawali Sagar Kailas, Jan 2020 Experimental investigation on the printed parts durability and strength for weather resistant Prof. Prashant K Jain
Rahul Soni, Jan 2020 Food layered manufacturing Prof. Puneet Tandon, Dr. K Ponnappa
Saurabh Tiwari, Jan 2020 Cutting tool conditional monitoring and tribology Dr. Amarnath M
Vikas Kumar Sen, Jan 2020 Applications of fiber composite materials in journal bearing system Dr. Amarnath M, Dr. H Chelladurai
Ashish K Gupta, July 2020 Voice based human health monitoring Prof. Vijay K Gupta
Awesh K Singh, July 2020 Fabrication of microfluidics devices in the application of metal extraction Prof. Tanuja Sheorey, Prof. Vijay K Gupta
Murlidhar Patel, July 2020 Blast performance analysis of hybrid sandwich structures Dr Shivdayal Patel
Pushkal Badoniya, July 2020 Wire arc additive manufacturing Dr.Manu Srivastava, Prof. Prashant K Jain
Sanjay Sharma, July 2020 Online chatter detection and control in the turning process Prof. Vijay K Gupta
Abhinav Sharma, Jan 2021 Flexible sensors for wearable applications Dr. M Zahid Ansari
Aman S Rajpoot, Jan 2021 Numerical and experimental investigation of a diesel Prof. Tanuja Sheorey, Dr. H Chelladurai
Ashutosh K Tiwari, Jan 2021 Improvement strategies of weld joint quality in TIG-MIG hybrid welding Dr. H Chelladurai
Deepak Kumar, Jan 2021 Some studies on UFG high entropy alloy particles reinforced nanocomposites Dr R Sheetharam, Dr. Harpreet Singh
Himanshu Pachori, Jan 2021 Experimental and computational analysis solar air heater equipped with thermal energy storage system Dr. Tushar Choudary, Prof. Tanuja Sheorey
Rahul K choubey, Jan 2021 Experiment investigations on metal extruder liquefier dynamics in wire additive manufacturing Prof. Prashat K Jain
Suyash Tiwari (Ex), Jan 2021 Study on microwave casting for near to net shape manufacturing Dr. Harpreet Singh, Dr. H Chelladurai
Swati Devi, Jan 2021 Energy harvesting from vehicle suspension system Prof. Vijay K Gupta
Mahendra S Raghav, Jan 2021 Yet to be decided Dr. Shivdayal Patel
Gajanan K Pradhan, Jan 2021 Yet to be decided Dr. Manu Srivastva, waited
Pawan Bajpai, Jan 2021 Coal fired thermal power plants Prof. Tanuja Sheorey, Dr. D Santhosh K
Ashutosh K Gupta, July 2021 Yet to be decided Prof. Prashant K Jain
Laveen K Kalwacherla, July 2021 Yet to be decided Dr. Himashu S Nanada
Pranjal Kumar, July 2021 Integrated system Dr. Tushar Choudary, Dr. M Zahid Ansari
Prateek Upadhyay, July 2021 Design and analysis of piezoaeroelastic energy harvester Dr. Sujay Mukharjee, Dr. M Zahid Ansari
Rishi Kumar, July 2021 Computational simulation of scaffold degradation using different scaffold material for biomedical Dr. Himashu S Nanda
Santosh K Rajak, July 2021 Development and formability behavior of ultra fine grained (UFG) structure of shape memory Dr. R Sheetharam
Shivi Tripathi, July 2021 Biopolymer coatings for biomedical applications Dr. Himanshu S Nanda, Dr. Harpreet Singh
Shubham K Mishra, July 2021 Cantilever sensor Dr. M Zahid Ansari, Dr. Afzal Hussain
Sumit K Gupta, July 2021 Yet to be decided Dr. M Zahid Ansari
Umang Dubey, July 2021 Yet to be decided Dr. Himanshu S Nanda