Research Groups

Aim of this group is to understand existing design theories and methodologies (For Ex. Knowledge based Design, Axiomatic Design, Computer Aided Design etc.), improving its efficiency and develop better concept to cater existing design issues.

The group aims to discover and realize innovative ideas in computer imaging and vision for the betterment of mankind.

This group focus on the complete lifecycle (requirement, modeling, design, analysis, implementation and maintenance) of the new generation of embedded, sophisticated autonomous products.

This group focuses on research in broad range of topics in software engineering, including software metrics, software testing, fault diagnosis and web applications security. We seek a principaled understanding of new and emerging areas through a complementary mix of theoretical and applied experimental research.

This research group was established with a few ideas in the area of Signal Processing, Antenna & Communication Engineering. Apart from conventional research work in the individual areas, our focus is toward research in the interdisciplinary areas.

This group is formed to carry research in the fields of Visual Cryptography, Conventional Cryptography, Wireless Sensor Network and Security issues in Cloud Computing.

This group focuses on research activities in VLSI Electron Devices and Nano-Technology (VEDANT).