• The Internship Board Committee (IBC) is the official designation body responsible for recruitment for the batch of 2014-2018.
  • The recruitmnet process is strictly governed by the Project Based Internship Policy prepared by IBC in two parts, Part I for the students and part II for the recruiters.


  • All recruiters participating in the final interview are required to register with the Internship Board Committee (IBC).


  • The NOC for internship to be sent to companies need to be applied to the Placement Cell with specific details (Company name will be mentioned and the person of contact). The students pursuing PBI with person contacts needs to charter all communication through Placement Cell be it academic / industry internship.
  • The option of part external internship for four months in the Institution / Industry and to months at IIITDM Jabalpur is allowed only and only when the project is in common interest area and line of work needs to be related.
  • Once the PBI offer is accepted no changes will be entertained nor any application conversion to internal PBI will be accepted.


  • Recruiter may conduct the Pre-interview screening if they wish to. The recruiters are requested to inform the IBC with the procedure for pre interview screening as may be prefered by the recruiter at least 2 days prior to conducting the same. The applicants selected in the pre-interview screening shall qualify for appearing in the final interviews.


  • After the completion of internship registration, IBC shall prepare a FINAL INTERVIEW LIST(FIL) for every registered recruiter. The FIL shall contain the names of applicants who have qualified for appearing for the final interviews based either on the recruiters internship Policy, results of the Pre-interview Screening conducted by the recruiter and eligibility of the student as per the norms of IBC.
  • In case the recruiter has no fixed method of short listing candidates, CV's of all interested students shall, be forwared to the recruiter for short listing.
  • In case the recruiter has no procedure for pre interview screening, the list of interested students shall automatically become the FINAL INTERVIEW LIST.
  • In case the recruiter invites limited applications with no specific criterion for short listing, IBC would decide case to case bases.


  • One student is allowed to secure only one internship and therefore after one secures an internship, one would be automatically deregistered from that day onwards.
  • In case a company does not give its final selection list on the same day it visits the campus, then the students will be allowed to appear in other companies visiting on subsequennt days till they finally get selected. However, if a student has already been selected by a company that came on the subsequent day and the company that deferred its decision also makes an offer to him/her later on, then:
  • In case more that one result of selected student(s) comes on the same day, then the student will be given an option to choose between company of the previous day and the company of the day.
  • In case the result of the company (which deferred its selection process) gives its result on a day later than the day when the student was selected by another company, this later offer will be rejected and the company would be informed.


  • Each student is eligible for only one internship offer.
  • if a student receives more than one offer owing to delays in announcements of results by the companies, the student is bound to accept the intern offer whose results are declared earlier.
  • if the results are declared on the same day, the student may choose from the offers in hand and inform the placement office of his choice, within 24 hours of announcement of results.

selected students would get the message on their mail. After this stage the student would be required to accept the offer by writing to the placement officer within 24 hours of declaration of the result. Incase the offer is not accepted with in 24 hours, the same would get communicated to the company through email. Whether one accepts or does not, one would not be allowed to participate further. It is advised that the students accept the offer immediately.


  • All pre placement offers extented to any student have to be routed through the placement cell. If one likes the offer, One is advised to accept the offer. Such students who accept the PPO would, however, be deregistered from the on-campus placement process.
  • In case the candidate does not accept the PPO, he/she would be allowed to appear for on -campus placement process till such date that the company visits the campus. After that day, he/she would be deregistered.


  • Absenteeism rules and policy:
    Any test interview or any selection process which an applicant has to attend as part of a company's recruiting for internship procedure the following minimum penal action would apply:
    Absence of first time - Fine of Rs 1000
    Absence of second time - Fine of Rs 2000
    Absence of third time - Debarred from on-campus internship
  • If for whatever reason the student remains absent from any stage/round of selection process he/she would be immediately de-registered from Placement Cell and would not be allowed to take part in the placements or Internship till he/she gets himself/herself re-registered.
  • Impersonation in tests or any kind of malpractice is a serious offence. Such students would be deregistered immediately and also will be refered to concerned authorities for disciplinary action.
  • A list of companies coming on-campus for recruitment is put up on the Placement website. Student must NOT apply to any of these companies off-campus, as under as accord of mutual understanding between the firm and PDPM-IIITDMJ, Comapanies would notify PC whenever they receive an off-campus application from any of IIITDMJ students. In all such cases suitable actions as per the institute rules would be initiated apart from the candidates being deregistered.
  • Students are NOT allowed to appear in final selection process (test/GD/interview etc) of companies they have not applied to through the placement system or have not been shortlisted in those companies. Students must refrain from contacting personnel of such companies when they are on-campus. Violation of this will attract deregistration and suitable disciplinary action.