Current News National Conference on Recent Trends in Physical Sciences (NCRTPS-2024) on February 28, 2024

List of Courses

S.N Course No Name of Courses
UG core courses:  
1 NS-1001 Mathematics-1 
2 NS-1002 Engineering Physics
3 NS-1004 Physics-II (Electrodynamics and Optics)
4 NS103a Mathematics-II (ODEs & PDEs)
5 NS103b Mathematics-II (Probability & Linear algebra)
UG Electives: 
6 NS-203f Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices
7 NS-205a probability and Statistics
8 NS-205f Numerical Methods for Engineers
9 NS-205g Modern Physics
10 NS-305c Complex and Linear Algebra 
11 PHY-601 Bionanotechnology
12 PHY-602 Atomic and Molecular Physics
13 PHY-611 Nanotechnology for Engineers
14 OE2N06  Materials Science
15 NS-2001 Biology for Engineers
(PG) courses:
16 MTH-601 Topics in Numerical Analysis
17 MTH-602 Numerical Solution to PDEs
18 MTH-603 Spectral Methods, theory and its applications
19 MTH-604 Advanced Mathematical Methods
20 MTH-611 Analysis
21 MTH612 Topology with Applications
22 MTH-621 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Probability
23 MTH-631 Optimization 
24 PHY-601 Bionanotechnology
25 PHY-602 Atomic and Molecular Physics
26 PHY-603 Emerging Electronic Materials
27 PHY-605 Quantum Mechanics
28 PHY-606 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
29 PHY-607 Condensed Matter Physics
30 PHY-608 Magnetic & Electronic Properties of Solids
31 PHY-609 Biophysics
32 PHY-610 Nanomaterials: Design & Characterization
33 PHY-612 Physics of magnetic materials
34 PHY-613 Vacuum and Thin Film Technology
35 PHY-614 Molecular Simulations
36 NP-8006 Electrodynamics
37 NP-8007 Materials Characterization
38 NP-8008 Nanotechnology for Engineers