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Master of Technology (M.Tech) Programme

A brief summary

Institute offers two year post graduate degree (M.Tech) programme in Computer Science & Engineering. The minimum residential requirement for the program is four semesters. The program requires completion of 70 credits of which at least 28 units shall be through course work and 32 units through thesis work. Non-sponsored candidates who are Indian Nationals admitted to the regular full-time M.Tech Program through GATE are eligible for financial assistance. A teaching assistant can be asked to conduct labs, help an instructor in grading, and other course-related tasks. Currently the assistantship amount is Rs. 12400 per month.

What you will learn

MTech degree program exposes students to a wide range of courses, combined with specialized research which culminates in a thesis. Such a combination gives students the breadth and depth necessary for pursuing careers in academics as well as in industry.

  • Expert teachers
  • Extensive doumentation provided
  • Good infrastructure
  • Best learning environment

First SemesterCourses

Any 4 course from below electives
SNo. Course Name Credits
1 Introduction to Blockchain Technology 2-0-2-3
2 Multimedia Processing 3-0-0-3
3 Data Clustering 3-0-0-3
4 Deep Learning and Applications 2-0-2-3
5 Research Method in Computer Science 3-0-0-3
6 Internet of Things 3-0-0-3
7 Cloud Computing 3-0-0-3

Second SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
1 Next Generation Networks (Compulsory) 3-0-0-3
2 Advanced Embedded System (Compulsory) 3-0-0-3
3 Mobile & Wireless Network / Information Retrival & Semantic Web 3-0-0-3
4 Computer Vision with Deep Learning / Hardware Security 2-0-2-3 / 3-0-0-3

Third SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
1 Thesis 0-0-0-16
2 Graduate Seminar I 0-0-0-2

Fourth SemesterCourses

Course Id Course Name Credits
1 Thesis 0-0-0-16
2 Graduate Seminar II 0-0-0-2
Computer Science Department IIITDM Jabalpur
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