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Introduction to Deep Learning for Computer Vision Applications Using MATLAB 

Hands-on exercises:

  • Use a pretrained network for image classification
  • Build a deep learning network from scratch
  • Perform transfer learning

Addressing Challenges in Deep Learning Workflows Using MATLAB

  • Labelling large amount of images
  • Hyperparameter tuning of deep neural networks
  • Scaling up training to GPUs, multi-GPUs and clusters
  • Deployment workflows for desktop, web, and cloud
  • Deployment workflows using automatic code generation for embedded platforms (NVIDIA GPU, Intel CPU, ARM CPU)


  • Rishu Gupta, Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks India
  • Pawankumar Fakatkar, Education Technical Evangelist, MathWorks India

Rishu Gupta,
Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks India

Rishu Gupta is a senior application engineer at Mathworks. He primarily focuses on image processing, computer vision and deep learning applications. Rishu has an experience of over 9 years working on applications related to visual contents. He previously worked as a scientist at LG soft India, research and development unit. He has published and reviewed papers in multiple peer-reviewed conferences and journals. Rishu holds bachelors degree in electronics and communication engineering from BIET Jhansi. Masters in visual contents from Dongseo University, South Korea, working on the application of computer vision. PhD in electrical engineering from University Technology Petronas, Malaysia with focus on Biomedical Image Processing using ultrasound images.”

Pawankumar Fakatkar,
Education Technical Evangelist, MathWorks India

Pawankumar Fakatkar is an Education Technical Evangelist at MathWorks India Private Limited. His role is to partner with Universities across India in order to increase awareness about utilizing MathWorks Products in their curriculum and research. He has over three years of experience in academia. His interests lies in use of technology in pedagogy to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia. He worked as an Assistant Professor at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Andheri. He also worked as a research associate at College of Engineering, Pune on a government funded project ‘Urban Healthcare Monitoring’. He received Techno Inventor award 2015 from Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association for his outstanding contribution as a researcher for his project in Clean Water Technology. Pawankumar holds a Master’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics engineering from the University of Mumbai.