1. To work towards a gender-sensitive community in which women and men are equal participants in society.
  2. Offer a forum to men and women for open dialogue and discussion on gender related issues

The Role of the Women's Cell

To take proactive measures towards sensitization of IIITDM Jabalpur community on gender related issues. It involves:

  1. Involvement of men through discussions to create a gender sensitive environment
  2. Organizing Health care & Nutrition related camps in the Institute
  3. Make women self-reliant
  4. Tackle crime against women. More sessions on tackling, eve-teasing, dowries, domestic violence, female feticide etc.
  5. Empower women Socially by overcoming cultural & religious barriers,
  6. Framing better policies and programs for women
  7. Bringing awareness on issues like enhancing literacy levels, incentives for higher education, women’s participation in science & technology in the nearby region.