Activities January 01, 2015 onwards: *

1. January 2, 2015 Women Cell Meeting | Minutes
2. February 12, 2015 Open discussion session on "Women Cell at IIITDMJ - role
and responsibilities in local as well as global perspective" | Minutes
3. February 20, 2015 Discussion with female PG students and staff
4. March 11, 2015 Open discussion session on "How to empower girls in today’s scenario"
5. March 10, 2015 –
March 20, 2015
Photography Competition
Theme: Glimpse of women empowerment around you
6. March 14, 2015 Logo making competition for official logo of Women Cell at IIITDM Jabalpur
7. August 28, 2015 A performance by Aavartan-Dance Club with an objective to bring into light the realms of the status of women in society and at the same time the role played by a modern woman in upbringing herself as well as the entire society. The performance showed all the dimensions of the world's perception of women and her battle with the victory over such orthodox, prejudiced norms, through dance.
8. October 7, 2015 Women Cell organized a “Menstrual Hygiene Drive” for the lady laborers/workers in the campus and women from rural backgrounds. Along with the student volunteers, Dr. Sangeeta Pandit, Prof. Aparajita Ojha, Prof. Tanuja Sheorey Dean (students), and Dr. Pritee Khanna Chairperson women cell were present at the occasion and took initiative to explain the importance of menstrual hygiene. To raise the awareness, sanitary pads were distributed to them. The ladies were accompanied by their wards also. Different activities were organized by students to engage them and the response was very much encouraging. The program ends with the commitment to hold another such session before Diwali.
9. October 8, 2015 A discussion with female colleagues about different issues related to a healthy work environment at our institute.
10. October 30, 2015 A discussion with female PG students to raise awareness towards washroom cleanliness.
11. November 3, 2015 Visit to campus construction site (in continuation to “Menstrual Hygiene Drive” held on October 7, 2015)

* It does not include record of meetings done on confidential issues.