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Warden's Message

I extend my hearty welcome to all the entrants in the Aryabhatta Hostel. The hostel life of students is a very important part of life where students live away from their parents, experience a new independence, make new friends, expand their horizon of activities, and learn to take their own decisions. In order to help students in their new endeavors the Warden's office makes every effort to provide a hostel life where students do not feel a home sickness and is full of activities. I emphasize here that while warden office makes every effort to provide a good campus life to students, at the same time students also have the responsibility to abide by the rules of hostel and institute. Hostel rules are very important and must be followed in totality. Our hostel has three student’s committees (namely Hall Executive Committee, Mess Committee, and Sports Committee) which are empowered to take some vital decisions for the betterment of hostel life with the help of wardens. Students can always contact the wardens any time to discuss any hostel related matter or any personal matter also. While leading a disciplined life in hostels, the students must make sure that there must be a healthy atmosphere in the campus, where students have a friendly interaction with each other and help each other. I wish all the inmates a happy and healthy campus life and I wish they make great carriers for themselves in the institute hostel and be worthy to serve the country. Wishing you all the best for your pleasant, comfortable and productive stay at IIITDM Jabalpur.


Dr. Avinash Chandra Pandey

Contact No: +91-761279 4426
Warden Email ID:
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Caretakers are supposed to be in the warden office, you can contact on 0761-279 4185. If he is not availbale in office you can call on the respective cell phone.

Mr. Jayprakash Rinayat

Contact No: +91 7987761075

Mr. Manoj Tiwari

Contact No: +91 7800652619

Hostel Gate

Contact No: 0761-279 4186

Aryabhatta Hostel Warden Office

Contact No: 0761-279 4185
Security Point: 0761-279 4186
Email ID:

Dr. Avinash Chandra Pandey (Warden Aryabhatta Hostel)
📲 +91 9873155107; ☎ 0761-279 4426

Contact Number of Hostel Employees

S No. Particulars Designation Contact No.
1. Mr. Jayprakash Rinayat Caretaker +91 7987761075
2. Mr. Manoj Tiwari Caretaker +91 7800652619
3. Anil Kumar Housekeeping +91 72472 73213
4. Hari Kunde Housekeeping +91 91094 03168
5. Mahendra Birha Housekeeping +91 88151 37292
6. Manoj Puri Housekeeping +91 83058 40782
7. Nikhilesh D Housekeeping +91 88275 94688
8. Rahul Chandel Housekeeping +91 88275 94688
9. Satish Dagour Housekeeping +91 93409 00557
10. Laxman Prasad Housekeeping +91 62626 76181
11. Kamlesh Prasad Housekeeping +91 7898789858
12. Sanjay Kushwaha Gardener +91 9111596681