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IIITDMJ Racing has been an elite club of IIITDM Jabalpur since its inception in 2013. Being the only official collegiate SAE Club of the Institute, it primarily focuses on design and fabrication of a full-fledged racing car from scratch till ramming it all over the best racing tracks of the country. A perfect place where design and innovation meets hard work and perseverance giving birth to an absolutely phenomenal machine.

The team has so far manufactured four versions of the vehicle namely – Luminescence 1.0, Zarkava 2 . 0, IIITrino 3.0 and Vega 4.0. Every year the team has witnessed constant improvement in its journey be it in design or engineering, SUPRA SAE 2018 marked the team’s best performance which secured an overall rank of 29th position among 126 participating teams nationwide. The car also secured overall 6th rank in Engineering Design and 2nd rank among all participating Institutes of National Importance (INIs).

Amidst this Covid-19 Pandemic, we have hit a bump in our way but The world goes on and the passion to achieve excellence never budges and neither does our determination. Thus, incorporating the new "Online Mode" into our venture, we are incessantly improving our designs, trying to make them better day by day and just waiting for the day to come when our visions will come to life.

The IIITDMJ RACING stands with full tenacity and ambition to achieve great heights.

About Supra- SAE India

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsors regional competitions which are intended to simulate team-based engineering design projects. One such example is the SUPRA SAE-India competition, which presents the Engineering Students with a challenging task of developing a vehicle consisting of various sub systems, meeting engineering specifications, timelines and all meeting safety standards. And then making the rubber hit the road at a premium race track under gazing eyes of experienced technical experts and other enthusiasts is a thrill not just for the participants, but for the mobility community at large.

As a one-year long challenge across multiple stages comprising of design defence, technical inspections and actual construction of the cost effective vehicle, this event helps shape future engineers through competitive spirit and encompasses all elements of a vehicle building for aesthetics in design, to the choice of parts, through structure design and modelling, to fabrication and testing. This event sets the stage to assess the capability for teamwork, entrepreneurship, leadership and management skills of the students.

This event provides a real world engineering challenge for the SAE INDIA Student members that reflect the steps involved in the entire process from design development, building prototype, and production to marketing and endurance confirming to well laid down criteria. This helps the objective of bringing out student talent to serve the nation for the years to come, in fulfilment of the Automotive Mission Plan (AMP 2016) a dream to make India an International Automotive Hub. We invite you to come and kindle your innovative ideas and creativity to experience engineering better than the best.


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