Assistant Professor

Sarban Kumar Mohanty

Research Area: I/O Efficient Algorithms, Graph Clustering, Security Issues in Cloud Computing

Assistant Professor

Vinod Kumar Jain

Research Area: Indoor Localization in Wireless Networks, WSN, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, IoT, Machine Learning

Assistant Professor

Neelam Dayal

Research Area: Software Defined Networking Network Security Cryptography Wireless Sensor Networks Mobile Computing

Assistant Professor

Abhishek Verma

Research Area: Internet of Things, Intrusion Detection, Network Security, Software-Defined Networking

Assistant Professor

Munesh Singh

Research Area: Wireless Sensor Network,IOT, MachineLearning and Software Defend Network

Assistant Professor

Avinash Chandra Pandey

Research Area: Data Science,Text Mining, Nature Inspired Optimization,Machine Learning

Assistant Professor

VijayPal Singh Rathor

Research Area: Hardware Security,Hardware Trojan,Trustworthy Circuit Design,Logic Locking/Camouflaging,Cloud Computing

PhD Scholars

Shefali Goel

Interest Area: IoT Security

M.Tech Scholars

Ajay Kumar

Interest Area: Image processing, Machine learning in soil and Crop management, Ethical hacking, Wireless networks

Aryan Saini

Interest Area: Programming, web designing and development

Shivam Dubey

Interest Area: Machine Learning

Soykot Poddar

Interest Area: Software Quality Assurance and Testing , Deep Learning

Prakhar Mishra

Interest Area:Data Science , Algorithm Design

Suyash Saxena

Interest Area: Computer network and Internet of things