VLSI Chip Design Hands on using open source EDA

Prospective Experts:

  • Dr. H. S. Jatana
  • Industry support- VLSI System Design Corp
  • Prof. Gaurav Trivedi, IIT Guwahati
  • Prof. Vineet Sahula, MNITJ

Principal Coordinator :

  • Dr. Gaurav Trivedi , IIT Guwahati

16 20 Dec 2019

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Local Coordinator:
Dr. Dip Prakash Samajdar
Phone: 9477137992

Course contents:


Module Name



Study various components of RISC-V microprocessor based SoC and review all components using MAGIC Layout tool

  • Brief introduction RISC-V ISA
  • Overview of RISC-V based micro-processor and its related SoC
  • Overview of QFN48 package, pads, macros and memory in MAGIC
  • Idea of chip-planning, aspect ratio, utilization factor, power planning, decoupling capacitor, pads/memory and macro placement


Study the importance of standard cell library and design & characterize one cell using MAGIC Layout tool and ngSPICE for SPICE simulations

  • Pros and cons of good-bad floorplan
  • Introduction to lab to create floorplan for small design, which will be covered in detail on Day 4)
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) planning and design concepts overview
  • Physical design overview
  • Why Libraries are called the soul and heart of semi-conductor industry?
  • Standard cells library overview



Pre-layout timing analysis of SoC using OpenSTA, chip planning using MAGIC and block-level placement/routing using qflow RTL2GDS opensource EDA toolchain

  • Art of layout – Stick diagram + Euler’s path using MAGIC
  • Characterization of important parameters using ngSPICE
  • Introduction to 16-Mask CMOS process and its significance to chip design flow
  • Logic synthesis and high fanout net synthesis interactive tutorial using Yosys opensource synthesis tool


Hierarchical placement/routing using pads and blocks, and perform sign-off checks viz.
LVS/DRC using Magic

  • Introduction to static timing analysis and the related Industry standard reporting formats
  • Pre-layout timing analysis of a design using OpenSTA opensource STA tool, which includes setup timing analysis for reg2reg and IO
  • Introduction to clock tree synthesis (CTS) and its related checks viz. skew, latency, pulse-width, duty cycle
  • Placement/Routing/CTS of a design using qflow opensource RTL2GDS tool
  • Perform CTS quality and routing quality checks using OpenSTA


Post-layout timing analysis using OpenSTA and engineering change order (ECO) using Tritonsizer

  • Full chip integration using MAGIC for a design with blocks and pads.
  • Revise floorplan from Day 2
  • Populate layout from library manager in MAGIC, select digital core block and additional pads
  • Arrange pads and create a pad-frame hierarchy
  • Project work using SiFive E31 RISC-V design blocks

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