VLSI Chip Design Hands on using open source EDA

Prospective Experts:

  • Dr. Imon Mondal, IITK
  • Prof. Sachin Patkar, IITB
  • Dr. Anand Bulusu, IITR
  • Dr. H. S. Jatana, SCL
  • Dr. Subhakumar Reddy A., VEDA-IIT
  • Industry support- VLSI System Design Corp

8 th 12th July 2019

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Local Coordinator:
Prof. P.N. Kondekar
Phone: 9425805445

Course contents:
VLSI design, SoC Design : Generic digital design flow, hierarchical design representation, Platform based SoC design

Floorplanning & timing analysis: Floorplanning and pre layout timing analysis [OpenSTA]

Placement, Clock tree synthesis: Partitioning, iterative placement, analytical placement, Wire-length estimation; Clock tree synthesis [MAGIC tool]

Global routing, Detailed routing: Maze routing, line probe algorithms; Left edge, dog-leg, algorithms; Signal integrity, DRC, LVS, ECO; post layout STA [Orouter, MAGIC tool]

Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Specifications to Design: Important aspects, particular to Analog IC design Flow; Introduction and distinctions between discrete time and continuous time designs; Example design with basics of sampling, effect of noise in sample and hold circuits; Brief introduction and design of OPAMP, and multistage OPAMPs

Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits Layout to GDS: Dealing with frequency compensations, noise and non-linearity in a multi-stage OPAMP; OPAMP offset cancellation techniques; Switched capacitor Circuits Specification to Design

Registration Fee and Accommodation:
Faculty and Research Scholars (PhD): Nil and free accommodation on sharing basis.
Others:Rs 3000 and extra nominal charges for accommodation and food.

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Prof Aparajita Ojha
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Prof. P.N. Kondekar
Email: pnkondekar@iiitdmj.ac.in

Dr. Atul Gupta
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Dr. Prashant Kumar Jain
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