Network Security

Prospective Experts:

  • Prof M. S. Gaur, IIT Jammu
  • Prof. Sukumar Nandi, IITG
  • Dr. Brijeswar Bezwada, IITH
  • Industry Experts from NetSim Inc. Bengaluru and ARISTA Inc.
  • Dr. E. S. Pilli
  • Dr. R. B. Battula, MNITJ

May 20 - 24, 2019

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Local Coordinator:
Dr. Manish Kumar Bajpai
Phone: 0761-2794227

Course contents:
Network – Basics: Introduction to computer networks, Why TCP/IP model?, Introduction to Security; What are different securities? Basic Concepts - Network layers, attacks and securities.
Blockchain Security and Websecurity:Introduction to blockchain technology and why it is so important? for networks. Introduction to web security model– why web security is important?, Web attacker, Network attacker and malware attacker, application layer protocols - HTTP, SMTP and etc. Document Object Model (DOM), Port scanning behind the firewall, Remote scripting, Isolation, and etc. Browser security, Communication, security user interface- When is it safe to type password? Mixed content, HTTP and HTTPS, Lock Icon 2.o and cookie security policy. Block chain technology for Networks; Web application security - SQL injection, CSRF, XSS and etc.
Network Security - I : Security issues in IP protocols- HTTPS, TCP, DNS and etc Network defense tools: Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection, and filters
Network Security - II : Routing layer attacks - ICMP, SBGP, MPLS and etc. and modern networks and security issues. Case studies/Demo- Modern Network security applications (IP Sec, SDN, NFV and etc.)
Cloud and Future Networks security : Software defined network and attacks, NFV and etc. Cloud security Issues; IoT based attacks; Next Generation security issues
Electronic Mail Security; Firewalls and Web Security : Distribution lists Establishing keys Privacy, source authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation, proof of submission, proof of delivery, message flow confidentiality, anonymity o Pretty Good Privacy (PGP); Packet filters Application level gateways Encrypted tunnels Cookies Web security problems.

Registration Fee and Accommodation:
Faculty and Research Scholars (PhD): Nil and free accommodation on sharing basis.
Others:Rs 3000 and extra nominal charges for accommodation and food.

Core Team Members, E&ICT Academy:

Prof Aparajita Ojha

Prof. Vijay Kumar Gupta

Prof. P.N. Kondekar

Dr. Atul Gupta

Dr. Prashant Kumar Jain


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