Professional Communication and Soft Skills

Course Coordinator :

Dr. J. Al Muzzamil Fareen
Assistant Professor/English,
Department of Liberal Arts,
Mo: 7339151318
Phone: 0761-2794269

23 August - 3nd September, 2022

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Last Date of Registration: August 21, 2022

Course contents:

  • Developing Assertive and Persuasive Communication Skills
  • Augmenting Focus and Drive for Professionalism
  • Job Readiness and Preparing for Workplace
  • Organizing and Conducting Business Meetings
  • Workplace Communication - Tools and Techniques
  • Leadership and Rapport Management
  • Managing Constructive and Destructive Communication
  • Handling Business Calls and Time Management
  • Business, Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal and Work Stress Management

Course Objective:
This two-week National Level Faculty Development Programme aims at helping the research scholars, faculties, and other working professionals hailing from different domains to enhance their effective workplace communication skills to their target needs.

1. Dr. K M Baharul Islam, Professor & Area Chair, IIM Kashipur
2. Dr. Shuchi Srivastava Professor & HOD, Dept. of Management Studies, MANIT, Bhopal
3. Dr. Sabiha Hashami, Assistant Professor, IIT Goa
4. Dr. Vartika Dutta, Assistant Professor IIM Amritsar
5. Dr. Ranjan Kumar, Assistant Professor, IIM Amritsar
6. Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, IIM Amritsar
7. Dr. J. Al Muzzamil Fareen, Assistant Professor, PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur

Course Fee Details:
Academic (student/faculty): 500 INR
Industry Participants and Others : 1000 INR

Online payment details:-
Beneficiary Name : EICTAcademy
A/C No. : 50302042708
IFSC Code: IDIB000M694
Branch: Mehgawan, IIITDM Branch

Technical Support:
Ms. Ayushi Thakur
Project Assistant

Venue & Time:
FDP will be conducted online using Zoom platform, daily at afternoon for four hours in two sessions from 1.00 - 5.00 pm. Each session will be of two hours.

About PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur:
PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing Jabalpur was established in 2005 with a focus on education and research in the field of Information Technology-Enabled Design and Manufacturing by the Ministry of Human Resource Development New Delhi. Since its inception, PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur has been playing a vital role in producing quality human resources for contribution in India’s mission of inclusive and sustainable growth. The modern manufacturing environment entails a large variety of cross-disciplinary activities including the Design and IT. PDPM IIITDMJ integrates the knowledge of a given discipline with IT Enabled design, prototyping as well as manufacturing considerations. Apart from laying an emphasis on IT, the new approach emphasizes on aesthetic, ergonomic and functional considerations of products responsive to industry driven adaptive management structure. With above requirements in mind, and strong industry interface, close cooperation with other academic and research institutions are the key features of this Institute.
The Institute offers undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Smart Manufacturing and Design along with Natural Science and Humanities disciplines like Mathematics, Physics and English. The Institute campus is being developed on 250 acres of land close to Dumna Airport, Jabalpur. It is 10 km away from the main railway station and 5.5 km from Dumna Airport, Jabalpur. The Institute has been declared as an Institute of National Importance by an act of the Parliament in January 2015.

About the Department:
One of the key disciplines of IIITDMJ, the English faculty is the keystone of the Liberal Arts department. The faculty continues to reflect the perennial use of English as a Global and Corporate language and accelerates it with the teaching and training of effective English communication skills and personality development of our technical students. It offers PhD Program in English and attracts diverse students from all over the country. The department is also recognized for its dedicated contribution in promoting the ethics and value education of the students through both their compulsory and elective courses. Language, verbal and nonverbal communication, soft skills and management disciplines are imbibed with a multidisciplinary approach to transform the students from academic to the workplace. Providing intense training and placement to the third and final year technical students has been the prime agenda of the faculty. Our students’ involvement, interest and enthusiasm to participate and perform in interpersonal and group communication activities are truly yielding remarkable results in both academics and placements.

Core Team Members, E&ICT Academy:

Prof Aparajita Ojha

Prof. Vijay Kumar Gupta

Prof. P.N. Kondekar

Dr. Atul Gupta

Dr. Prashant Kumar Jain


Contact us :
Electronics and ICT Academy
PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur,
Dumna Airport Road, Jabalpur 482005
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