Cyber Security

Joint- Principal Coordinator :

Dr. Neelam Dayal
IIITDM Jabalpur
M: 9473619501

18 29 Jul 2022

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  • Prof. R. K. S hymsunder, IIT Bombay
  • Prof. Krishna S hivlingam, IITM
  • Dr. Mayank Agarwal, IIT Patna
  • Dr. S omanath Tripathi, IIT Patna
  • Dr. Rajiv Mishra, IIT Patna
  • Sri Ch A S Murthy, CDAC Hyderabad
  • Rtd Prof. Aditya Bagchi, IS I Kolkata (confirmation awaited)
  • Prof. Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, MEC, Hyderabad
  • Hari Babu P . Associate Director, C -DAC Bangalore (Confirmation awaited)
  • Prof. S . K. Nandi, IITG
    Experts from Host Institute:
  • Dr. M P Singh, NIT P
  • Prof. M. S . Gaur, IIT Jammu
  • Dr. Amit Kumar Singh, NIT P
  • Dr. E mmanuel S Pilli, MNITJ
  • Dr. Ramesh Babu Battula, MNITJ

Last Date of Registration: July 15, 2022

Course contents:

  • Wireless Vulnerabilities - 802.11 Wireless Vulnerabilities, Hacking Wi-Fi networks By Passing Windows logon system
  • Software Security - Buffer overflow, Integer overflow, Format string vulnerabilities
  • Software Security - Buffer overflow, Integer overflow, Format string vulnerabilities Web Security - SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, etc
  • Web App Penetration Testing, Data security in cloud, Big data and cyber security; Network Security - DNS, ICMP, ARP attacks, IP Sec, BGP Sec, etc., Browser based attacks
  • Security Tools - DVWA, Snort, Metasploit , Wireshark, NMAP, Nessus, Openssl, etc. Security in IoT, Tools for cyber security
  • Basic Cryptography and its importance in Cyber security, Cryptograph y Hash functions
  • Blockchain based IOT Security
  • IDS- Intrusion Detection System
  • Cyber Security Assurance and Law, Cyber Forensics

Programme Features:

  • Instructor led online sessions and rigorous hands-on sessions.
  • Opportunities to connect with experts from academia, industry and government
  • Certificate of completion on successful completion of the course with full access to the course material

Course Fee Details:
Indian Participants
Academic (student/faculty): 500 INR
Industry Participants and Others : 1000 INR
Foreign Participants

SAARC/African countries
Academic (student/faculty): - USD 50/-
Others USD 100/-

Rest of the countries
Fee USD 200/-

Online payment details:-
Beneficiary Name : EICTAcademy
A/C No. : 50302042708
IFSC Code: IDIB000M694
Branch: Mehgawan, IIITDM Branch

Core Team Members, E&ICT Academy:

Prof Aparajita Ojha

Prof. Vijay Kumar Gupta

Prof. P.N. Kondekar

Dr. Atul Gupta

Dr. Prashant Kumar Jain


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