UG Courses


NS 102 Engineering Mechanics

NS 104 Electrodynamics and Optics

NS 205g Modern Physics

NS 205h Material Science

NS 205i Culture and Science a Comparision


NS 101 Mathematics I

NS 103 Mathematics II

NS 205a Advanced Engineering Mathematics

NS 205b Analytical Methods in Engineering

NS 205c Discrete Mathematics

NS 205d Applied Probability and Statistics

NS 205e Numerical Methods

NS 205f Optimization

Humanity Science

HS 101 Effective Communication Skills

HS 102 Culture and Human Values

HS 303a Soft Skills and Use of English Language

HS 303b Literature in social cultural panorama

HS 303c Indian Philosophy and Literature in English

HS 304 Environmental Science

PG Courses

PG Natural Science (Courses)