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Natural Sciences are the integral part of IIITDM Jabalpur since its inception. The fields of Natural Sciences, already integrate various other disciplines of the Institute with some emerging fields such as Materials engineering, Nanomaterials, Biomedical Physics, Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing, Image processing etc. Moreover the applications of various science and technology based knowledge emerges out of Natural Sciences.

The basic purpose of interdisciplinary curriculum of the Institute is expanding the knowledge and applications overlapping different fields of experts. Learning process cannot be restricted to a limited space and therefore Natural Sciences coupled with other disciplines to follow the same. The intellectual growth through liberal education would fulfill the desire of satisfaction qualitatively rather than quantitatively. Research and development is the key to future generation and prosperity of a nation through an academic Institution with interdisciplinary curriculum. The source of basic science knowledge is the foundation of all other disciplines inventions as well as applications. Having Physics and Mathematics as an integral part of the UG & PG curriculum directly play an important role in the growth of research and development at IIITDM Jabalpur.