Aparajita Ojha

Research Area: Mathametics in Computer Science, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Finite Elements, Spline Theory


Pritee Khanna

Research Area: Biometrics, Image Retrieval and Indexing, Dynamic Gesture Recognition, Biomedical image processing, Computer Aided Product Design

Assistant Professor

Ayan Seal

Research Area: Biometric, Remote Sening, Medical Imaging, Object Recognition, Clustering and Fractal

Assistant Professor

Durgesh Singh

Research Area: Image and Video Processing,Digital Watermarking,Machine Learning

Assitant Professor

Manish Kumar Bajpai

Research Area: Parallel Algorithms, Image Reconstruction, Fractional Calculus

PhD Scholars

Nishant Khare

Interest Area: Deep Learning

Poornima Singh Thakur

Interest Area: AI and Deep learning, Blockchain

Samir Jain

Interest Area: Deep Learning , Machine learning, Blockchain Technology

Shubhangi Chaturvedi

Interest Area: Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Amit Bhati

Interest Area: Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Shubham Choudhary

Interest Area: Brain computer Interface

Karnati Mohan

Interest Area: Affect Recognition

Surbhi Soni

Interest Area: Deep learning, Biomedical Signal Processing

Bhagvan Krishna Gupta

Interest Area: Image Processing, Machine Learning

M.Tech Scholars

Rohan Dhanraj Atale

Interest Area: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Web Development

Anubhav Gupta

Interest Area: Machine Learning and AI

Abhishek Kumar Chouhan

Interest Area: Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Cryptography, Computer Vision

Pramod Kumar

Interest Area: Image processing and text recognition

Past Students