Journal Papers

Article Name Journal / Conference Name Volume Pages Publisher DOI
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Deep learning techniques for infrared image/video understanding Multimedia Tools and Applications - Springer
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Real-time interception performance evaluation of certain proportional navigation based guidance laws in aerial ground engagement Intelligent Service Robotics 15 95-114 Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Max-min threshold-based cancelable biometric templates for low-end devices Journal of Electronic Imaging 31 - SPIE
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Challenges for ocular disease identification in the era of artificial intelligence Neural Computing and Applications 1-23 Springer London
Artificial intelligence and deep learning for biomedical applications Multimedia Tools and Applications - Springer
A Deep Learning-Based Approach to Detect Correct Suryanamaskara Pose SN Computer Science 3 1-8 Springer Nature Singapore
Hybrid multiagent based adaptive genetic algorithm for limited view tomography using oppositional learning Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 75 - Elsevier
Deep neural network for beam hardening artifacts removal in image reconstruction Applied Intelligence 52 6037-6056 Springer US
Deep Learning Capabilities for the Categorization of Microcalcification International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 - MDPI
A compartmental Mathematical model of COVID-19 intervention scenarios for Mumbai medRxiv - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Fractional Model with Social Distancing Parameter for Early Estimation of COVID-19 Spread Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 47 209-218 Springer Berlin Heidelberg
An efficient self-embedding fragile watermarking scheme for image authentication with two chances for recovery capability Multimedia Tools and Applications 1-22 Springer US