The multidisciplinary approach practised at Design Discipline, IIITDM Jabalpur lays emphasis on thorough research on problems, its analysis and development of functional prototypes / products for each design solution. Along with the guiding faculty members, the institute has just the right facilities for both the phases.

Library & Internet

The Institute library has e-resources through INDEST, Science Direct, IEEE, ACM, Springer Link, Nature and ASME available via institute intranet for reading and downloading. The Institute also has access to various online research journals & articles like following resources SIAM, AMS, ACS, Kluwer, APS, Palgrave, INFORMS, Rev. of Scientific Instruments, Appl. Physics Letters and the search engine Scopus.

The internet connection provided by NKN gives comfortable access to high-volume data.

IIITDMJ is an active Member of NKN (National Knowledge Network) and NME-ICT (National Mission on Education through ICT) and students reap various direct benefits of these programs.

Computer software and hardware

For varied and in depth research in HMI (Human-Machines Interaction) advance equipement like Eye Tracking Camera, Kinect Sensor, Leap motion Sensor etc. are available for students.

Students get to work on computers with industry ready software and hardware like Wacom Intuos, Adobe CS4 Masters Collection (Print & Video), Rhinoceros (Surface Nurbs Modeling), SolidWorks (Solid Parametric Modeling), CATIA (Solid Parametric Modeling), Autodesk, Altair suites, etc. to make high definition 3D and 2D models and prints files.


The prototype development is a painstaking process involving skill and iteration. With skilled assistants and tools students get the industry ready experience.

The Manufacturing and Prototyping Labs are well equipped with Rapid Prototyping Machine, CNC Controlled Abrasive Water Jet Machine, CNC Milling Center, CNC Turning Center, Dynamometer, Electrical Discharge Machining System, Injection Molding Machine, Sheet Metal Punching and Blanking machines, Laser Cutting Machine, Universal Wood Working Machine, ultrasonic plastic welding, gas and arc metal welding, etc. 


Lush Green 250 Acres campus is located in the scenic hilly terrain beside the Dumna Nature reserve, just next to Jabalpur Airport; with a "Torrential" stream running through the campus. The peaceful 10-km-away from city location with fauna and flora is a heaven for nature lovers.