Design Discipline,
PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur
Dumna Airport Road
Jabalpur - 482 005
Madhya Pradesh, India.
Tel: +91-761-2632 664 Ext : 150, 113
Fax: +91-761-2632524
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Reaching Jabalpur

Jabalpur has good access to all three means of transport, viz, Road, Rail and Air.

Roadways : Jabalpur is well connected by road route.The national highway 7 connects Jabalpur to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Railways : Jabalpur being the headquarters of West Central Railway (WCR) is also well connected by trains. Direct trains are available for major destinations of India from Jabalpur.

Airways : The Dumna airport connects a few major airports of country. The flights from all major Indian cities reaches to Dumna airport via Delhi & Mumbai at regular basis.


Reaching the Institute

The Institute is situated approximately 3 kms before the airport on Dumna Airport Road (near Mehagawan village).