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The Computer & Communication Centre is solely responsible for keeping the Electronic Communication & Computation related facilities available to each and every member of IIITDM Jabalpur. The services provided by the Computer  & Communication Centre includes:

  • Installation & Maintenance of Servers for:
    • Internet Access.
    • E-mailing Facilities.
    • Computation Facilities.
  • Management & upkeep of the Official IIITDM Jabalpur & Intranet Web Page.
  • Management of the institute telephone exchange.
  • Management of the Centralized Computer Lab accessible to all the students of the institute as well as to other local researchers/students.
  • Maintaining the huge campus network, consisting about 10,000 nodes.
  • Providing technical assistance to the Academic Institutes and Organization in IIITDM Jabalpur.
  • Providing facilities to the Students who come from various academic institutes from all over the world for their Short-term Courses, Project Work, Summer Training etc.
  • Provides & maintains the PCs of the Faculty & Staff members.

The Computer & Communication Centre also manages the IIITDMJ LAN, IIITDMJ Telephone Exchange and provide support to the users. The campus LAN has been extended to all the hostels. The Network connectivity to the residences have been extended using ADSL technology. New hardware and software are procured on a regular basis so as to provide a state of the art computing facility to the IIITDM Jabalpur family. The resource of the centre is also availed by students/researchers of other institutions in and around Jabalpur.